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SingALingo Chinese - Zài Wǒjiā CD - Offering the same songs heard on In My House (English) and En Mi Casa (Spanish), the Zài Wǒjiā (Chinese) album helps kids and adults dance, move and sing their way to learning Chinese.

SingALingo’s award-winning, multi-sensory language learning products can help you introduce a new language in an interactive, playful and intuitive way that is proven to stay in your child’s memory for a long time!

Based on the scientifically proven principle that kids learn best when multiple sense are engaged, our songs go beyond naming nouns and colors and numbers. We teach useful language in context—so kids can learn Spanish, Chinese or English phrases about typical activities they do in their daily routines.

Kids just love to sing, move and learn when it’s presented in a fun, energetic, playful way to our infectious, play-it-again music!

Songs use rhythm, pleasant repetition and clear enunciation to teach simple language common to daily routines like getting dressed or brushing teeth.

Songs are sung in Chinese. Lyrics and English printed translations are included with the cd.

This album features the voice of a talented bilingual singer, Sarah-Eve Dill. She began studying Chinese in 7th grade, and now attends an ivy league university pursuing an interest in International Relations. Eve’s clear and sweet singing voice, and excellent pronunciation (as recommended by her native speaking Chinese teacher) made her the perfect choice to sing these songs!

Winner of a coveted NAPPA award (National Parenting Publications Awards).

The songs include: