Sing, Dance, Laugh and Eat Quiche 3 - CD and Booklet

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Sing, Dance, Laugh and Eat Quiche 3 - CD and Booklet - 1 hour original & traditional songs French songs by Barbara MacArthur. If you already have the lyrics, the cd alone is $16.00 or $25.00 with the lyric booklet.

The booklet has the lyrics, translations and suggested activities. An exciting addition of songs for learning the days of the week, grammar such as the passé composé, shipping dialogue and more.

In this collection:
Le Can Can (Traditional dance - present tense of irregular verb pouvoir," imperative)
L'Alphabet (The alphabet)
Samedi (Days of the week)
Les Mois de l'Année (Months)
Fifi Fait les Courses (French stores, shopping dialogue)
Au Restaurant (Restaurant dialogue)
Savez-Vous Planter les Choux? (Traditional - body parts, TPR)
La Vache Sophie (Body parts, clothing)
La Machine à Laver (Clothing)
L'Orchestre (-ER verb conjugation rap)
The Darktown Strutters Ball (Future tense)
Aux Champs Elysées (Popular song - culture)
Rodolphe le Renne (Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer rap)
Vent Frais (Traditional round)
Le Noël des Petits Santons (Traditional - Christmas culture)
L'Araignée (Traditional - TPR)
Les Gangsters ("Passe compose" of regular ER, IR and RE verbs)
Mrs. D.R.Vandertramp (Verbs conjugated in the "passé composé" with the auxiliary verb "être")
Vite! Vite! (Reflexive, obligation + infinitive)
Sur le Pont D'Avignon (Traditional dance - occupations)
Les Bruits (Fun French sounds)
La Danse des Canards (Popular song - present and imperative tense, TPR)