Sing and Learn Japanese Celebrations

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Sing and Learn Japanese Celebrations - Cherry Blossoms, Festivals, and Flying Carp - Japanese songs by Tazuko Inui and Selina Yoon.

Japanese Celebrations: Cherry Blossoms, Festivals and Flying Carp is a collection of favorite Japanese songs that bring to mind images of seasons, festivals, holidays, and the spirit of the people of Japan. The Japanese love Japanese Festivals, known as Matsuri, and songs are the perfect way to take part in the traditions and learn more about this fascinating culture. Through beautiful lyrics and illustrations, children and adults will learn more about Japanese language, customs, crafts, games, foods, and rituals. Each of 22 traditional and contemporary melodies and songs is written in Kana (Hiragana and Katakana), the romaji (romanization of Japanese), and the English translation. The book includes pronunciation guide, English-Japanese glossary, and instructional and cultural notes. The songs are:

    • Haru ga Kita/Spring Has Come
    • Ureshii Hinamatsuri/Happy Doll Festival
    • Koinobori/Flying Carp
    • Hanabi/Fireworks
    • Kiku no Hana/Chrysanthemum
    • Tako no Uta/Kite Song
    • Jankenpon/Rock, Paper, Scissor
    • Oshoogatsu/New Year's Day
    • Usagi/Rabbit
    • Oyakodonburi/Chicken Egg Bowl
    • Hitori Futari/One Person, Two People
    • Shabondama/Soap Bubble
    • Kata Tataki/Shoulder Patting
    • Muramatsuri/Village Festival
    • Onaka no Heru Uta/I'm Hungry
    • Seikurabe/Who's Taller?
    • Asa wa Doko Kara/Where Does the Morning Come from?
    • Momiji/Maple Leaf
    • Frusato/Home
    • Shiawasenara Te o Tatakoo/If You Are Happy
    • Makkana Ohana no Tonakaisan/The Red-Nosed Reindeer
  • Sakura/Cherry Blossom