Sesame Street - Des Monstres en Pleine Forme DVD

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Sesame Street - Des Monstres en Pleine Forme DVD - French version of the Sesame Street DVD - Happy, Healthy Monsters - with lots of fun and great songs, all in French. This 45-minute, super-sized Sesame Street special will give preschoolers plenty of food for thought about the benefits of exercise and a healthy, balanced diet. Even Cookie Monster gets into the act with a tantalizing rap about consuming 'carrots, beans, poultry, greens.' And you thought he only ate cookies? 'Me an enigma,' he tells a surprised Grover, your host on the Happy Healthy Monsters Network, 'the all moving, all grooving, all running, all jumping, all bumping place to be.' Elmo, Zoe, and friends take in a programming day, with fun and fast-paced segments that promote exercising the body and mind. Guest stars include songstress India.Arie -- who sings the 'Jump Up Song' -- as well as Andy Richter, Wyclef Jean, and Dan Zanes, whose 'Jump with Me' ditty is especially catchy. The always-droll Fred Willard serves as HHMN?s announcer. There is the usual Sesame Street silliness in a running (or is that jumping?) joke about the cow who jumped over the moon, a feat Grover is determined to accomplish. Happy Healthy Monsters exudes a 'You can do it, too' spirit that will motivate all young (and adult) couch potatoes to get up and 'just move it.'

The songs are:
Chanson des monstres en pleine forme
Poilu, bleu et en pleine forme
Suis le rythme
Saute avec moi
Manger sain
Mais que peut-on faire d'un fruit?
Planètes, lune et étoiles