See how they run (Embrassez qui vous voudrez) DVD

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See how they run (Embrassez qui vous voudrez) DVD - 2002 French film directed by Michel Blanc. In this star-filled comedy - two couples, one very rich and the other almost homeless, along with a friend who is a single mother, decide to go on vacation together to a beach resort. Julie, a single mother, joins them too. Once at the beach, it turns into a complicated case of star-crossed lovers involving a transsexual, a jealous brother, a Latin Lover and another nervous stressed couple. Not to mention the fact theat the daughter of one of them is secretly in Chicago with one of his father's employees... AND, at the end of the summer all of them will attend the same party... stars Charlotte Rampling, Jacques Dutronc, Carole Bouquet, Karin Viard, Vincent Elbaz, Clotilde Courau. In French, English, German and Italian. Unrated, 110 minutes.