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Romuald et Juliette DVD - (English title - Mama, there's a man in your bed) - 1989 French film directed by Coline Serreau. This dvd is not available in the U.S., so we imported this edition from England - you need a code-free dvd player to play it in the U.S. This is a charming French comedy set against the background of boardroom intrigue. Successful businessman Romuald (Daniel Auteuil) barely notices the black woman, Juliette (Firmine Richard), who cleans hjis office. When she tells him that tow of his senior colleagues are planning to fire him, he can hardly believe it, but she turns out to be right. Cross-cutting between the life styles of rich and poor and between whites and blacks, Serreau's observations about France's social and racial divide are deftly made. The spirited performances also ensure that Romuald et Juliette is a generous and surprisingly uplifting romance. 107 minutes, unrated. In French with optional English subtitles.