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Rito Terminal DVD- 2003 Mexican film directed by Oscar Urrutia Lazo. A visually captivating film, representative of the best of new Mexican filmmaking! Attending a fiesta in a rural Mexican-Indian village, a young photographer (foreign and mistrusted by the locals) has a supernatural experience. At a native woman's funeral, he discovers that his shadow has disappeared and the world that he thought he knew begins to unravel. To regain his hold on reality, he must undergo a journey of self-discovery beyond the safe convictions of his urban lifestyle into the unsettling realm of the Indian mystical arts. Ultimately he will have to find the old Indian woman who stole his shadow and learn that there is more to the world and to himself than the rational mind can comprehend. Winner of 2 awards and 14 nominations - stars Guillermo Larrea, Soledad Ruiz, Angeles Cruz, and Guillermo Rí­os.