Quick Study Hebrew Vocabulary

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Quick Study Hebrew Vocabulary - This 3-panel (6-page) guide is an invaluable resource for students, travelers and businesspeople wanting to enhance their Hebrew vocabulary skills. Numerous Hebrew words and phrases, along with their English translations, can be found—all in a user-friendly format that includes:

• Greetings/Key Question Words/Expressions
• The Hebrew Calendar
• The Days of the Week/Time Expressions
• Seasons/Weather
• Colors
• Directions/Measurements
• The Family/People/Work
• Places/Associations/Languages/Nationalities
• Clothes/Accessories/Hygiene
• Food/Restaurant
• The Body/Health
• Sports/Media/Entertainment
• City/School/Travel
• Habitat/Home/Dwelling
• Religions/Names/Spirituality/Holy Places/Rites
• Glossary
• And much more!