What would happen if...?

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What would happen if...? What would happen if hens laid chocolate eggs and people walked on hands? Imagining comical and unbelievable situations you will effortlessly master the Second Conditional.

Play these 4 games and become proficient in building 3rd conditional sentences in English

BLACK PETER - Find matching pairs and do whatever it takes for your opponent to draw the Black Peter card.

CHAIN STORIES - Make up stories about past events so that one thing leads to another. Let’s see how it all will end…

SHOWER OF QUESTIONS - Would you have chosen a different school, had you had the chance? How would you have spent your last holidays, had you received a big bonus? Use your imagination. Answer the questions and collect points.


Items: 101 cards for 4 games: ‘Black Peter’, ‘The Chain’, ‘What would happen if…?’, ‘Shower of Questions’.

Age: 10 +

Number of players: 1-10

” Games: What will happen if…… and What would happen if……
These two games are our students’ favourites. We play them to revise and consolidate the use of different types of contitional sentences. The students of different ages, from the teenagers to the elderly, love making up stories („the chain” of events) as well as answering questions and justifying them (Shower of questions). Both the games can be played separately or used together – like we do in our school – to revise the 1st and 2nd conditionals. The games introduce the all so important element of fun which allows to practice the difficult grammar constructions and gain practical knowledge at the same time in a pleasant way.”