Practical Indonesian - Word Explorer

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Practical Indonesian - Word Explorer is more than just an interactive Indonesian - English dictionary. It has lots of easy to use features to explore and understand Indonesian terms and their English meanings. Sample sentences and their translations are provided so that you can see how the wo Features include: Search using Indonesian or English terms. You can search for derived terms (e.g. menutup) without having to know the root word (e.g. tutup). It displays alternative spellings of Indonesian terms, multiple meanings, synonyms, root words and derived forms. A web browser style interface with hyperlinks to related information is provided. There is 
pronunciation of Indonesian terms by native speakers. It provides the different meanings of Indonesian terms. There are example sentences showing the use of terms in Indonesian and English. A History List can be used to navigate back to recently visited terms. You can search for selected text and copy and paste selected text to other applications.

Word Explorer requires: Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP; PC with a 80486/66 processor or higher; 16 Mb RAM; SVGA graphics adaptor card with 256 colours (800 x 600); 10 Mb available hard disk space; 16-bit sound card with Wave driver, speakers; 2X CD-ROM drive; Mouse.