Plumo at the Zoo CD-ROM

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Plumo at the Zoo CD-ROM - Ages 3 - 7. Plumo at the Zoo is a trilingual CD-ROM in French, Spanish and English. It offers 13 educational activities to develop a child's self-esteem and cognitive skills. This title has met the California Learning Resources Network review criteria. Each activity exploits the potential of multimedia to develop the child's cognitive skills such as observation, discrimination, counting, logic, etc. Plumo is a charming and attractive parrot who guides children, inviting them to visit the zoo animals, and to learn by playing games with them. The animals speak out the directions for the children, provide encouragements and positive feedback and help them reach the learning objectives.

Learning objectives:
Recognize and discriminate colors.
Recognize and discriminate geometrical shapes.
Complete 2-, 3- and 4- item logical series.

Other objectives:
Understand spatial relations
Recognize numbers from 1 to 10
Count objects (1-10)
Know the number series from 1 to 10
Identify similarities
Identify differences
Name objects
Make series of objects based on their sizes
Classify objects according to size and color
Complete pictures, with or without the help of a model
Within the zoo, children can chose the following games :
Match identical pairs of spots on Giraffe's skin
Dress up Bear with clothes and accessories to match his silhouette
Classify different birds according to their colors and sizes
Count the flowers, butterflies and balloons that come out of the Kangaroo's pouch
Order, according to their sizes, the eggs that Mother Ostrich has lost in a labyrinth
Color the feathers of Peacock's tail in order to complete a logical series
Draw Turtle's shell following a model
Identify the animal that was swallowed by Snake, based on its silhouette
Feed Pelicans with fish of the appropriate sizes
Match animals with skins that dry on the 'clothes line'

Plumo at the Zoo Hybrid CD-ROM requires for PC: 80486+; Windows 95/98/XP; 8MB+ RAM; 256 Color, 640x480 monitor and card; CD ROM drive; Sound card.
Macintosh: 680x0 or PowerPC processor; System 7.1+; 8MB+ RAM; 256 Color, 640x480 monitor;
CD ROM drive.