Pipo en la Grecia Clásica - Matemáticas 2o Grado

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Pipo en la Grecia Clásica - Matemáticas 2o Grado - Ages 7-9. This all Spanish title is part of the collection for Pipo Travel in time with math so that children not only learn age appropriate math, but they do so in a different cultural and historical setting. Children will travel across time to Ancient Greece. Their mission is to free Zeus, God from Olympus, trapped in his temple. You can click on 'Play' to see the map of Ancient Greece and the different zones to visit to succeed in your mission. There are 19 entertaining games, structured into 5 parts. 1) The city of Sparta has the numerical system, 2) The city of Athens - shapes and geometric forms, 3) Robot operations - adding, subtracting and multiplying from 1 to 5, 4) Mental calculations, 5) Problems. The activities are adaptable for each child and offer several levels of difficulty. There are personalized exercises which can be printed out.

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Pipo requires: PC; Pentium 100+; Windows (all); 24X CD-ROM drive; 16MB RAM; 20MB free hard drive space; SVGA 256 color display; Sound card; Speakers; Mouse