Pipo en la China Imperial - Matemáticas 3o Grado

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Pipo en la China Imperial - Matemáticas 3o Grado - Ages 8-10. This all Spanish title is part of a new collection for Pipo Travel in time with math so that children not only learn age appropriate math, but they do so in a different cultural and historical setting. New download and subscription pricing fo In this title, the mission is to save the 4 Celestial animals, found in the 'Enchanted Pavillion'. Click on play to see the different zones to visit to accomplish the mission. There are a total of 23 entertaining games, structured into 6 parts to teach third grade math: City of Peking, City of Xi'an, City of Hangzhou, Robot operations, Print your Exercises, Mental Calculations. There are several levels of difficulty, to adapt to the user's ability.

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Pipo requires: PC; Pentium 100+; Windows (all); 24X CD-ROM drive; 16MB RAM; 20MB free hard drive space; SVGA 256 color display; Sound card; Speakers; Mouse.