Oxford Dictionary of American English with Genie CD-ROM

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Oxford Dictionary of American English with Genie CD-ROM - This book provides explanations, illustrations and related information not given in ordinary dictionaries. All entries use carefully worded definitions and provide contextual examples of usage, grammar and idioms. There are easy-to-understand definitions, many reinforced with color illustrations and notes to avoid common errors.
Over 30,000 examples based on a 75-million-word corpus of American English reflect contemporary usage.
Core vocabulary is marked with a star and given in-depth treatment.
In longer entries, SHORTCUTS help learners find their way more quickly to the meaning they want.
Notes give advice on grammar, register, related vocabulary and confusable words.

The Dictionary's full-color study pages include:
Language practice, study skills and United States culture notes.
A key to help learners improve their communication skills, write a résumé, prepare for exams such as TOEIC and TOEFL and apply for their first job.

Learn about the American educational and political systems in the culture pages. Practice writing résumé, e-mails, and letters. Improve essay writing and note taking. Improve scores on exams

The Oxford Dictionary of American English Genie is a unique electronic dictionary that sits on the desktop. It displays definitions of words instantly and gives their pronunciation for every single word in the Oxford Dictionary of American English. The Genie's intelligent look-up will recognize idioms and multi-word combinations, making it particularly useful when using the Internet, sending e-mails or word processing. It also contains hundreds of exercises and full-color illustrations that will help build vocabulary. It operates on PC computers only.