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Over 1,000 Conversation Starters and Strategies for Creating a Lively 'We Live There' Communicative Classroom for ANY Language Course by Sue Fenton, M Ed. Imagine a book you can keep on your desk that has over 1400 stimuli (serious, funny & wacky) you can use to get ALL students to communicate. Get tons of ideas for setting up a highly COMMUNICATIVE classroom (from the decor to lessons to materials, to listening, to activities. Read about a new 'virtual language' curriculum strategy: MOVE your students into their own apartments in a WORLD city for the ENTIRE year and simulate LIVING there. This sets the scene for maximizing COMMUNICATION every day and gives language purpose. See how you can make everything you teach (including grammar) COMMUNICATIVE. How to 'frost' every example, lesson, assignment, activity and role play with real locations and culture details (products like cereals and soft soaps, stars, T.V. channels, names of real stores, etc.) Teach students not only language, but give them practical world knowledge and international skills, too. 100 AP speech ideas, 656 role plays, 200 Improvisation & Skit Ideas, and 500 more conversation starters!
NEW! The ULTIMATE Communication BOOSTER!!!!

All you need to know to create a highly communicative language classroom that is 'plugged into' the culture(s)
Packed with strategies and over 1400 specific conversation starters / realistic practical applications you customize to the culture(s). A curriculum based on the exciting premise 'WE LIVE THERE'. 'MOVE' your students to a WORLD CITY for the ENTIRE YEAR!!! Teach everything from that perspective (and teach world skills!)

Door Decor
Magic of Simulation
Over 200 Simulation Ideas
Setting up 'We Live There'
The 4 Types of Role Plays
Cultural 'Frosting'
Learn Structure thru Language
Equipment, Communicative props
Wall cue cards
'Scripting' posters
Temporary visuals
Authentic materials
Internet resources
Types of flash cards
Listening Activities
Murals, Custom visuals & signs
Application conversations
Performing conversations
Posting culture news
Encouragement & Rewards
Scrapbooks, videos, etc.

PART 2: Over 1400 Practical and Creative STIMULI for COMMUNICATION
(may be altered for levels, tenses, negative, etc.)
656 Role plays on 46 themes
100 AP Speech Topics
200 Improvisation and Skit Topics
100 Story Chains
122 Brainstorming concepts
44 Short Individual Presentations
100 'Guess It' Topics
40 Panel Discussion Topics
40 Social Event Simulations
Listening Ideas
CHECKLISTS to keep track of the ones you use in each class
ALSO: 'Bashing' down the 4 classroom walls and getting global.
Taking a flight to simulate leaving the U.S. and going to another part of the world.
WE LIVE THERE guidelines, themes, and 109 'We Live There' ideas
Making all aspects of a lesson communicative
Maximizing communication for ALL students for as much time as possible
4 Kinds of Role Plays (procedures and evaluation)
How to make everything you teach COMMUNICATIVE
How language (culture) should teach grammar and not vice versa.
Day 1 Total Immersion plan.
Getting students and parents to help create materials / flash cards