Noémie le Secret - Noemie the Secret

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Noémie le Secret - Noemie the Secret - 2009 French Canadian film directed by Frédérik d'Amour. This great family movie is based on a series of books, which follow Noemie, a sweet and dynamic seven year-old girl who firmly believes a treasure is hidden within her upstairs neighbor's apartment. As the story unfolds, she keeps on trying to find clues and leads that would take her to find the treasure, while at the same time she gets closer to the old lady living there. Although this will mostly interest kids, it's the kind of movie that adults will also like, thanks to the emotions it conveys, and the nostalgic charm it has, reminding us of our own childhood movies. Starring Camille Felton, Rita Lafontaine, Raymond Bouchard and Marina Orsini. Rated G in Canada - French or English audio with French or English subtitles, 105 minutes.