My House is the Most Beautiful House

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My House is the Most Beautiful House CD - Arabic Songs for Children. A fantastic collection of old & new Arabic nursery rhymes. Cheerful, warmhearted & often silly these songs teach kids about family, the seasons, animals, the days & months, numbers, food. These songs will have your children dancing singing, & learning Arabic right away. Arabic lyrics are clear and well pronounced. You will soon be singing along with your kids to the music. English translations are included.

My House is the Most Beautiful House بيتي أحلى بيت

Happy Holidays (God Bless You Every Year) كل عام وانتم بخير

Star Dreams نجمة الأحلام

I Saw a Big Big Tiger! شفت نمر كبير كبير

The Globe الكرة الأرضية

What do You Want to be When you Grow Up? شو بدك تصير

Your Country Needs You بلدك بحاجة إليك

A Rainbow قوس قزح

Our Letters أحرفنا

Mama and Baba ماما وبابا

Someone's Coming in a Boat From Afar في قارب جاي من بعيد

My Name is Horse أنا اسمي حصان