My Daddy is a Giant Japanese Edition

Bilingual Japanese Readers


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My Daddy is a Giant by Carl Norac and illustrated by Ingrid Godon - Japanese bilingual edition. Daddy looms large both figuratively and literally in this ode to a father from a child's perspective. In Godon's full-bleed spreads, father and child appear against a background of solid color, with clothing changes and one or two props (a scooter, a bench, falling leaves) indicating multiple venues and seasons. In the opening illustration, the child clings to his father's back and both face readers, smiling. Ensuing pages show them engaged in a variety of activities. When they play hide-and-seek, the child reports, "My daddy has to hide behind a mountain"; the illustration shows the father kneeling behind snow-capped conical shapes. On another spread they walk on pale sandy ground against a white sky, and when the father sneezes, "It's like a hurricane. It blows the sea away." In the bottom right corner, a crab, starfish and fish jump from turbulent waves, while pickets blow off a nearby fence. While the words convey the child's belief that daddy possesses extraordinary powers, the pictures demonstrate that daddy's true strength derives from his consistent, loving involvement in his child's life, whether cuddling, playing games or just being there. Children may enjoy this story's gentle humor best from the warmth of Daddy's lap.

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