Music from the Tea Lands CD

Music from the Tea Lands CD

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Music from the Tea Lands - Putumayo presents a collection of music from countries where tea is grown and where it is an essential part of ancient cultural traditions - the rich and exotic music from the Asian continent. Music from the Tea Lands features readable and informative liner notes giving details on the musical traditions presented plus a recipe for chai, India's flavorful spiced milk tea.

The artists and songs are:
1. Zulya - Saginou
2. Lei Qiang - Picking Flowers
3. Ghulam Ali - Hangama Hai Kyon Barpa
4. Sanjay Mishra - For Julia
5. Oki - Utuwaskarap
6. Okan Murat Öztürk - Gerizler Basi
7. Kamil Alipour - Afshari
8. Hila Himbala - Anggopanku
9. Ancient Future - The Empress
10. Ujang Suryana - Kang Mandor

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