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Movie Talk French DVD-ROM - Age 14 - Adult. Enter the world of French television and absorb French as it is really spoken. This innovative DVD-ROM program is based on a popular French television show. Béatrice and Philippe are a successful police couple. Together they battle crime and corruption in the heart of Paris. This full-length episode sees Béatrice get involved in dismantling a major drug trafficking gang. Monnard, a small-time criminal receives death threats on his release from prison. The finger of suspicion points to the drug baron Aldo Costa, who’s gang Monnard has informed on to the police. Béatrice can't give him the protection he needs. Monnard takes matters into his own hands and starts a devastating chain of events that Béatrice and Philippe must unravel. Who could be behind the trouble? Costa... or someone rather more unexpected..? Lights... Camera... Action! Star in a murder mystery and learn French with EuroTalk’s innovative DVD-ROM. Based on "Fin de Peine", an episode of the hugely popular French police series, "Au coeur de la loi", this unique language learning DVD-ROM lets you enter the world of movies and absorb French as it’s really spoken. Watch the whole video with French subtitles, or sit back and enjoy it full-screen! Follow the movie line-by-line in the script. Search for any word in the script. Record your voice as one of the actors in the film. Games and activities help your vocabulary, spelling and comprehension. Print a certificate when your score is high enough. Challenge our resident champion in a quick-fire TV quiz. Available for advanced students now! OUT OF PRINT - LIMITED QUANTITIES LEFT!

Movie Talk French requires for Windows: Windows (all); Pentium 200+; 64MB RAM; DVD-ROM drive; 800x600; 50MB free HDS; Sound card; Microphone (Optional).
Macintosh requires: G3 or G4 (e.g. DVD iMac), 128MB of RAM (virtual memory off); Mac OS 8.6+ (including OS X); DVD-ROM drive; Mac compatible microphone (optional).