Move Your Students to Paris

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Move Your Students to Paris - A 226-page resource packed with Cultural Frosting (names, brands, realia, etc.) to help you simulate a 'virtual living' experience in Paris for your students and teach 'virtual French' through authentic cultural contexts.

CURRICULUM PREMISE: Move your students into their own apartments in Paris for the ENTIRE year and present all language. . .vocabulary AND structure—through authentic cultural contexts. APPLY all language. Teach useful international skills!

• Setting up the "virtual living" experience (taking the flight, selecting and "moving into" Paris apartments, getting acclimated to the city.)
• Ideas for adventures and simulations to learn French. . . all around Paris.
You can start in level 1 and continue through level 4, going beyond Paris to the rest of France and to la francophonie. It's the most LOGICAL way to teach language if you can't actually be there. It gives language study far more, relevance, justification, and purpose. Students will LOVE having their own apartments in Paris, and they'll be immersed in language and the culture. Teach language AND give students a passport of confidence. . . and the WORLD.

SIMULATE Paris activities involving. . . visits, errands, appointments, courses and lessons, guides, schedules, catalogs, research, maps, entertainment plans, excursions.. . . JUST AS IF YOU REALLY LIVE IN PARIS. Includes Web sites of hundreds of PHOTOS you can project from an LCD projector so your students can be "on location" in Paris for their conversations and activities)

Learn language while you do things like...
Send e-bisous, e-pastries, and e-cards. .
See a photo of your Paris apartment building.
Listen to top singles on Skyrock radio.
Keep "plugged in" to daily events in Paris/arrondissements.
Apply for jobs at fast food restaurants and stores.
Watch news on video; visit a kiosque for the press
See photos of luxurious Paris hotels.
See aerial views all over Paris.
Visit parks, monuments, museums.
Buy a pet at a pet store.
Check transportation schedules.
Go to a disco, stores, markets, and restaurants.
Read comptines, poems, riddles, stories, song lyrics
Cruise the Seine and see its bridges.
Hundreds of photos of Paris places, sites, and scenes.
Take a practice test for your license.
There are 900 French Web sites, (and links to 100's more), 100 Cultural Frosting Themes and
1200 Activities Vocabulary and Notes.