Modern Standard Arabic Verb Clinic CD-ROM

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SKU: 978-9774249259 American University in Cairo Press

Modern Standard Arabic Verb Clinic CD-ROM is designed to help you master the intricacies of verb forms and usage in Modern Standard Arabic, the formal Arabic written and spoken throughout the contemporary Arab World. With a digital library that includes the full conjugations of over 200 verbs, with all persons, all tenses, optional negation, related prepositions, and your choice of active or passive voice, Verb Clinic provides you with a quick and accurate reference tool for mastering Arabic verbs. The selection of verbs provides the patterns for conjugating virtually every Arabic verb in contemporary use. Verb Clinic has an intuitive, easy-to-use interface that allows you quick access to the verbs that you need. Its language-learning features include:
- A digitized library of over 20,000 individual verb conjugations
- Quick access to perfect, imperfect, future, imperative, and passive forms of each verb through either browsing or searching the data
- Your choice of English, Arabic, or Arabic transliteration as the primary interface script
- CD-quality digital recordings of each word by a native speaker of Arabic, along with wave-form plots to provide visual and audio feedback
- Ability to record and compare your own pronunciation, repeating as often as needed until you get it right
- Ability to write, save, and print your own notes for each word
- Printing capabilities that allow you to create fully customized practice sheets
- Ability to track your own progress using the "Test Yourself" customizable quiz generator

Included in the package:
• Verb Clinic - CD-ROM
• Bonus booklet: The Use of Verbs in Modern Standard Arabic
• Quick reference pronunciation card
• Access to extended online learning resources
• Printable grammar guide and drill sheets
• Installation instructions

System requirements: Microsoft Windows 98 SE, ME, 2000, XP, or Macintosh OS X; Pentium 233 or faster processor, 32 MB RAM; 30 MB hard disk space available; 800 x 600 display; 16 bit color; 4x CD drive or higher; sound card; printer and microphone optional.