Mia's Science Adventure - Japanese Version

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Mia's Science Adventure - Japanese Version - For ages 5 - 11. Kids learn all about science - plants and animals, the solar system, weather and clouds, electricity and magnetism, and much more as they play in this 2 CD-ROM Japanese interactive program. This adventure begins with Mia wearing her mother's new hat, without permission, while playing on the roof of her house. Without warning, a torrential downpour washes Mia down the drainpipe. She barely manages to avoid being swept into the sewer, but her mother's hat slips away. Down the sewer it goes, where it is commandeered by the evil rat, Romaine and his wretched cousins. Mia must get the hat back from Romaine or she'll be in some kind of trouble. With help, Mia must find enough 'sparklies' to trade for her mother's hat. But hurry--mother will be calling her home soon.

As in each adventure, kids lead Mia throughout her house and garden to find articles needed to complete a mission. Along the way, they encounter challenging activities to test their abilities. Successful completion of each task results in a reward, bringing the companions one step closer to their goal.

Mia's Science Adventure Hybrid CD-ROM requires for PC: Windows 98, ME or XP; P233MHz+; 53MB RAM; 640x480 256 color display; 6X CD-ROM drive; Sound Blaster comp. Sound card; 40MB free hard drive space. Macintosh requires: OS 8 or 9; G3 233 MHz or IMac; 64MB RAM; Video card; 640x480 256 color display; Sound card; 6X CD-ROM drive; 40MB free hard drive space.