Mein Erste Lexikon (My First Dictionary)

Foreign Language Learning & ESL Software


SKU: 9783411064212 Duden Multimedia

Mein Erste Lexikon (My First Dictionary) - Ages 4 - 12. This is the German version of the great interactive program 'My First Dictionary' by Dorling Kindersley. Over 1,000 words are pronounced, explained, illustrated for children aged 3-10. There are 3 games with 3 levels of difficulty to allow the child to have fun while learning.

Mein Erstes Lexikon Hybrid CD-ROM requires 8MB RAM; 256 color display; 2X CD-ROM drive. PC; 486DX/33+; Win 3.1, 95 or 98; Sound card. Macintosh: 68030/25+; System 7+.