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Manolito Gafotas - 1999 Spanish film directed by Miguel Albaladejo. Based on the best selling children's novels this adorable film for children and adults alike, this is a hilarious look at contemporary Madrid from the point of view of ten year old Manolito. Witty, funny and moving, the film has crossed-over from Spain to become a family entertainment.

The one-and-only Manolito takes a hilarious trip that disrupts his whole family in this warmhearted film full of "freshness and charm" (Variety). When the plucky boy grabs at the chance to accompany his often absent truckdriving father on a job, it's a rare chance for father and son to bond, but nothing goes right for the lovable, disaster-prone kid. When Manolito accidentally climbs into the wrong truck, hilarious chaos results. What started out as a simple trip gets crazier and crazier; with Manolito, you never know what'll happen next!

Stars David Sánchez del Ray, Adriana Ozores, Roberto Alvarez and Antonio Gamero. Unrated (but there are brief scenes of nudity of the boy and his father and the two of them discussing their private parts), 89 minutes, optional English subtitles.

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