Level 2 - Great Expectations Part 2 - Simplified Chinese Edition

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Great Expectations Part 2 - Simplified Chinese Edition based on Great Expectations by Charles Dickens LEVEL 2 (450 unique characters) in the Mandarin Companion Series.

Great Expectations is hailed as Charles Dickens’ masterpiece. A gripping tale of love and loss, aspiration and moral redemption, the story follows the young orphan Xiaomao (Pip) from poverty to a life of unexpected opportunity and wealth.

In Part 2, Xiaomao (Pip) leaves his life of poverty behind to seek his fortunes in Shanghai and win the heart of the beautiful yet cold-hearted Bingbing (Estella). Xiaomao’s world is turned upside down when his mysterious benefactor is revealed and his deepest secrets are brought into the light of day.

Adaptation Notes

The story has been adapted from Victorian London of the 1800’s to modern-day Shanghai, China. Both periods feature stark contrasts between the old and the new, the wealthy and the poor.

The following is a list of the characters from this Chinese story followed by their corresponding English names from Charles Dickens’ original story. The names below are not translations; they are new Chinese names used for the Chinese versions of the original characters. Think of them as all-new characters in a Chinese story.

    • 吴小毛 (Wú Xiǎomáo) – Pip

    • 姐姐 (Jiějiě) – Mrs. Joe Gargery

    • 姐夫 (Jiěfu) – Joe Gargery

    • 胖子 (Pàngzi) – Dolge Orlick

    • 思思(Sīsī) – Biddy

    • 白小姐 (Bái Xiǎojiě) – Miss Havisham

    • 冰冰 (Bīngbīng) – Estella

    • 金子王 (Jīn Zǐwén) – Mr. Jaggers

    • 小何 (Xiǎo Hé) – Herbert Pocket

    • 老黑 (Lǎo Hēi) – Magwitch

    • 龙哥 (Lóng Gē) – Compeyson