Lingua Latina II

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Lingua Latina II CD-ROM - This interactive CD-ROM contains the complete text, audio-recordings of the text in Classical Latin and full, interactive editions of the exercises. In Part II, ROMA AETERNA, the subject is Roman history. A description of the city of Rome is followed by a prose version of Vergil's Aeneid I-IV, with some important passages in the original, and Livy's Book I supplemented with extracts from Ovid. At first Livy's prose is gently adapted, but the main part of the book contains unadapted texts by Livy, Aulus Gellius, Nepos, Sallust, Cicero, and Horace.

The CD-ROM ROMA AETERNA contains the complete text, an interactive edition of the exercises, an audio-recording of the questions and answers in pensum C, plus the complete booklet INDICES.

Lingua Latina requires: PC; Windows 98/ME/XP; Pentium comp.; 128MB RAM; 1024x768 dpi display; 16X CD-ROM drive; 600MB free hard drive space.