Level 2 - El Laberinto Secreto

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El laberinto secreto by Anna Mares. Spain, 1936. Frightened by the strange noises emanating from the forest, Pedro takes off to find his friend, Miguel. Despite the distractions of the school bully and the rising tension and violence of pre-Civil War Spain, Pedro and Miguel are consumed by the mysteries that call to them from the forest surrounding their rural town of La Alberca del Marquesado. How far will they go to discover whether what awaits them in the darkness is friend or foe? Based on true historical events and written almost entirely in the present tense, it is the perfect easy reader for second year Spanish students (Intermediate-Low). El Laberinto Secreto is a compelling story written in comprehensible language for learners to develop reading fluency independently or in teacher-directed classes. Includes a glossary.