Let's Learn Hebrew Picture Dictionary

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SKU: 9780071408257 McGraw-Hill

Let's Learn Hebrew Picture Dictionary - This book is ideal for English-speaking children learning Hebrew, and even Hebrew speakers learning English. The dictionary consists of 30 large, colorful scenes that illustrate more than 1550 basic words. These fun-filled scenes are designed to encourage children to spend time discovering and rediscovering each topic - focusing on the child's everyday world (the house, the family, the classroom, sports) life in the community at large (the city, the country, transportation, people in the community) and the child's world of fun and fantasy (a make-believe castle, space, the ocean, the zoo). Alongside each scene, children will find individual illustrations of the specific vocabulary in that scene. These individual illustrations are clearly defined in English and in Hebrew characters. In addition, the Hebrew is romanized for easy pronunciation. At the back, there are complete Hebrew-to-English and English-to-Hebrew indexes and glossaries.
Hardback, 80 pages.