Los vidéos françaises DVD

Etienne - French Rock Songs to Teach French


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Étienne - Les vidéos françaises DVD - French music videos with all the lyrics for 9 great verb songs and a bonus 10th song - Canada's national anthem.

From the cd Chez Moi, the song is: Aller

From the cd C'est le Temps, the songs are:
Dr. & Mrs. Vandertramp, Prononcez-les bien!, A-I-S, Le futur and Les verbes pronominaux

From the cd Le Retour, the songs are:
Des verbes irreguliers au passé composé, The Flag Song, Le passé composé

From the cd La Danse des Araignées, the song is: Ô Canada

Help your visual learners see the lyrics in the video while they watch the song!
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This is a region 1 dvd for the U.S. and Canada!