Les kangourous ont-ils une maman?

Eric Carle Books in French


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Les kangourous ont-ils une maman? by Eric Carle - Eric Carle offers a beautiful way for parents and children to share the knowledge that love crosses all boundaries and ties all creatures on this earth together. Eric Carle's colorful collages of animal babies with their caring and affectionate mothers offer small readers visual delight as well as comforting reassurance. Repetition of key phrases (Do animals have mothers, too? Of course they do - just like me and you) helps young children take the first step toward reading readiness. And the game like format makes it easy and fun to discover more about the world of nature and to learn the common names of some familiar - and some not-so-familiar - animals.. A bonus page at the back of the book lists the correct but sometimes surprising names of animal babies, their parents, and groups.
Paperback, 24 pages.