Leo con Robokids CD-ROM

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Leo con Robokids CD-ROM - Ages 3+ - Great Spanish program we are importing from Spain to prepare young children for reading, all in Spanish. There are 16 interactive activities for the memory, coordination, attention and logical thinking. There are two ways to play and learn - directed - in order of difficulty from the easiest to the hardest - or free - choose whatever scene and activity you prefer. Learn letters, words, syllables, reading and writing.

Juego de ordenador que contiene 16 actividades relacionadas con las letras, las palabras y la lectura. Incluye dos modos de juego: dirigida, un recorrido por cada uno de los escenarios o libre, acceso libre por todos los escenarios y actividades.

Leo con Robokids requires: PC; Pentium II (Pentium III recommended); Windows 98/ME/2000/NT/XP/Vista; 32 MB RAM (64MB recomm.); CD-ROM drive (12X CD-ROM drive recomm.); Soundblaster comp. sound card; SVGA video card; Speakers.