Le français à travers la poésie livre du professeur

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SKU: 9780982082171-02 Dulce Goldenberg

Le français à travers la poésie livre du professeur by Dulce M. Plasencia Goldenberg. This is the French poetry teacher's guide for the student book of the same name. This French poetry textbook offers 22 French poems by well-known French authors such as Jacques Prévert, Victor Hugo, Jean de la Fontaine and many more. There are poems for students at the beginning, intermediate and advanced level (noted in the teacher's book) for high school or the university. Each poem is followed by exercises (all in French), developed by a veteran French teacher, with over 25 years of experience.

This teacher's guide describes the level of difficulty of the poem - Débutant, intermédiare ou avancé. There are the correct answers for the exercises in the student books as well as the objectives for the poem and a suggested lesson plan.

Spiralbound, 72 pages.

This book is complimentary with a class order of 20 or more student books and complimentary on cd-rom with a class order of 10 or more student books.
It is available as a "digital edition" (on a cd-rom) for $14.95 or a spiralbound book for $39.95.