Latin Verbs Rock! CD

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Latin Verbs Rock! CD - Who says studying Latin is no fun? Not any more, with these 16 lively and engaging songs for conjugating Latin verbs in a variety of tenses. (Accompanying exercise book available under Latin Books)

The 16 rocking songs are:
1. The Present Active Indicative
2. The Imperfect Active Indicative
3. The Future Active Indicative
4. The Perfect Active Indicative
5. The Pluperfect Active Indicative
6. The Future Perfect Active Indicative
7. The Present Passive Indicative
8. The Imperfect Passive Indicative
9. The Future Passive Indicative
10. The Perfect Passive Indicative
11. The Pluperfect Passive Indicative
12. The Future Perfect Passive Indicative
13. The Indicative Tenses of Eo
14. The Indicative Tenses of Fero
15. The Indicative Tenses of Volo
16. The Indicative Tenses of Sum

Lyrics are included!