Latin Groove CD

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SKU: B000060P7Z Putumayo

Latin Groove CD - Salsa and Cuban son join funk, hip-hop and electronica for a cutting-edge Latin dance party with Spanish music from Putumayo. The artists on Latin Groove represent trendsetters in Latin music such as Ozomatli, Aterciopelados, Los Mocosos, Si*Se, Sin Palabras, Conjunto Massallia and Carlos Nicaragua. Also included are a number of European producers and DJs who are fusing Latin music with electronica to create exciting new blends, such as Sidestepper, Funkanazenji, and Supatone. The result is a collection of songs that show how old-school Latin dance music has become a solid foundation for the sounds of the future.

This great new CD from Putumayo includes:
Barrio Cubano de Ronald Rubinel - El Carretero
Sin Palabras - Salsita
Sidestepper - Linda Manigua
Los Aterciopelados - El Estuche
Los Mocosos - Soy Callejero
El Conjunto Massalia - Chan Chan
Funkanzazenji - Latin Flavour
Si*Se - Bizcocho Amargo
Supatone - Yorulamento
Carlos de Nicaragua & Familia - Sensemaya
Ozomati - Cumbia de los Muertos