Larousse Multimédia Encyclopédique v.3

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SKU: B000071K8C Larousse

Larousse Multimédia Encyclopédique v.3 - All French encyclopedia from Larousse on 1 DVD-ROM. This all French encyclopedia offers 72,000 entries, 3,500 illustrations, 270 maps, 400 thematic articles, 60 slide shows and videos. Search with multiple criteria and update the information via the internet each quarter. Clearance price!!!

Larousse DVD-ROM version requires for PC: Windows 95 or 98; 486 4/100 Mhz; 16MB RAM; 12MB free HDS; DVD-ROM drive; 256 color display; Mouse. Macintosh requires: System 8.1+; LC; 16MB RAM; 10MB free HDS; 256 color display.