Lapin Malin 2ème Primaire

Foreign Language Learning & ESL Software


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Lapin Malin 2ème Primaire - Ages 6 - 8. French version of Reader Rabbit - 2nd grade. Immerse yourself in French while working on all kinds of 2nd grade skills - for PC or Mac. Reader Rabbit is stuck on Cheese Island. Scale Mount Gruyere to save his magic ship before the pirates come! There are great activities like the Wall of Letters - spell the words correctly to move the bricks, do the math problems correctly to avoid an avalanche of cheese and much more!

Lapin Malin requires: Hybrid CD-ROM requires for PZC; Windows XP/Vista; 512 MB RAM (1 Gig with Vista); DVD-ROM drive; DirectX 9 comp. graphics card; DirectX comp. Sound card.

Macintosh: Mac OS 10.4; G4 ; 512MB RAM; DVD-ROM drive; Graphics card with 32MB RAM.