La Seconde Guerre Mondiale / La Résistance en France

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La Seconde Guerre Mondiale / La Résistance en France - Fantastic bundle of 2 powerful French programs - interactive history programs of World War II and of the French Resistance - hybrid for PC or Mac.
The first CD-ROM, La Seconde Guerre Mondiale - Histoire Parallèle offers 50 videos, 1300 photos, 1000 events, over 400 biographies, 45 animations from key moments, 100 maps and graphs, 100 literary excerpts and a personal editor to select what you want to view and print. The second CD-ROM
La Résistance en France - une épopé de la liberté offers 3 hours of oral history, over 100 animations, 1500 photos, 2 hours of witness testimony, an illustrated chronology of 1500 events, 750 advertisements, a map of France, a personal album to collect the texts and images you choose and to print them out.

La Seconde Guerre Mondiale et La Résistance require for PC: Pentium II 233+; 16MB RAM; Windows 95 or 98; 256 color display; CD-ROM drive. Macintosh requires: CD-ROM drive; 16MB RAM; 4X CD-ROM drive; System 7.5+; 256 color display.