La Danse des Araignées Manual

Etienne - French Rock Songs to Teach French

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La Danse des Araignées Manual - Teacher's Manual to accompany the La Danse des Araignées CD - every teacher needs this! Let Etienne get you 'pedagogically correct' with this Common Curriculum coded Manual! Specifically useful worksheets were created for this manual to be used in the classroom. Each song is covered including a thorough introduction supported by worksheets, wonderful hints, a play, game ideas etc. The Teacher's Manual (90 pages) comes with internet activities.

Looking for the ultimate game of survivor? The Mon, Ma, Mes Tic-Tac-Toe game is sure to match your students' wits with their knowledge of possessive adjectives.
The internet guide and activities found in the beginning of the manual are a welcome bonus to any teacher.
This manual has 90 pages including written, listening and reading worksheets designed to reinforce all the structures covered by the songs on the CD La danse des araignées.
Each song begins with a thorough introduction including target structures, tips on introducing the songs, using the follow-up worksheets and complete instructions on all suggested dance movements or song actions.