Empreinte de l'ange (Mark of an Angel) dvd

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L'Empreinte de l'ange (Mark of an Angel) French dvd. 2008 suspenseful film directed by Safy Nebbou. Sandrine Bonnaire can do no wrong (unless it's required of her) and Catherine Frot has long since masked the art of barely suppressed tension and panic. Here she really brings it to the fore as she stars as Elsa, a woman with a long history of depression who develops a fascination with a seven year old girl she sees at a birthday party when she comes to collect her son. Determined to find out more about the girl, she uses her son as a way in to the family ensuring that he befriends the girl's brother so that she can then befriend the girl's mother Claire (Bonnaire). Frot really lays it on in this but Sandrine Bonnaire certainly holds her own when it comes her turn to convey the creeping (and increasing) fear of this woman that is taking hold of her. Rated PG in Canada for disturbing content. 95 minutes - optional English subtitles.