L'Acadie CD-ROM

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SKU: 978-1565546950 Pelican Publishing

L'Acadie CD-ROM - Interactive, multimedia presentations make exploring Acadian culture and history fun and easy on this French CD-ROM that is divided into sections on culture, history, genealogy, and even tours of Nova Scotia and the Maritimes. Users can witness the progression of the series of deportations, take a virtual tour of a historical village like Grand Pré, and listen to songs by artists like 1755, the most popular musical group in Acadian history. In the process they may better understand just who the Acadians are. And with a dictionary that can be heard as well as read, comprehending the French language becomes much easier, too. Noted children's book author Sheila Hébert Collins has written Jean-Paul Hébert Was There, a story that is included on the CD-ROM.
There are 800 pages of text with photos, video, maps, music.

L'Acadie requires for PC: Windows 95/98/XP; Pentium 75+; Sound card; 16MB RAM; 2X CD-ROM drive; Quicktime 3.0; Thousands of Colors. Macintosh requires: OS 7.5+; Power PC 66Mhz+; 16MB RAM; Thousands of colors; 2X CD-ROM drive; Quicktime 3.0.