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Kuaile Hanyu Multimedia CD-ROM set introduces beginning Chinese through lively animation, videos that depict real-life situations, and fun and motivating games. It is designed for upper elementary to middle-school students learning Chinese as a foreign language from the beginner level. 

The multimedia program uses a spiral approach that reinforces and builds upon materials from previous lessons, and emphasizes speaking and comprehension. The situational video follows the experience of two foreign students during their stay with their host families in Beijing, as they make new friends, conduct daily activities and learn about cultural similarities and differences, Chinese etiquette and customs. Each video segment presents the vocabulary and structures from each lesson in context; it is a great way for students to gain practical knowledge of the Chinese language and culture. A variety of carefully developed game types incorporating vivid graphics, dynamic animation and sound effects makes language learning a positive and exciting experience.

The CD-ROM set comes in three graded levels (Level 1, 2 and 3). Each level consists of 8 units with 3 lessons per unit. It features Simplified Chinese characters, native Chinese speaker pronunciation, Pinyin and English explanation. The user-interface is intuitive and easy for young learners to master.

Level 3 consists of:

Unit 1 Introduction and Recommendation

第一单元 介绍和推荐
第一课 我从北京来

第二课 我想来兼职
第 三课 我们给他打电话吧

Unit 2 City and Environment

第二单元 城市与环境

第四课 北京有一个很大的广场
第五课 郊区没有污染
第六课 我是本地人

Unit 3 House and Furniture

第三单元 家居与购物
第七课 我的新家

第八课 我想送她一个礼物
第九课 他买到了纪念品

Unit 4 School Life

第四单元 学校生活
第十课 你说汉语说得真好
第十一课 比赛四点才开始
第十二课 看看我的电子邮件

Unit 5 Health

第五单元 健康

第十三课 他从来没吃过中药
第十四课 我的身体越来越好
第十五课 我们都爱吃她做的点心

Unit 6 Entertainment

第六单元 娱乐与休闲

第十六课 熊猫可爱极了
第十七课 我们都在图书馆看书
第十八课 我们都跑上山去

Unit 7 Media

第七单元 新闻与传媒

第十九课 有什么新闻
第二十课 他正在采访
第二十一课 中文歌表演比赛

Unit 8 Travel and Customs

第八单元 旅行与习俗

第二十二课 我们一到假期就去旅行
第二十三课 我要从美国到中国去
第二十四课 在中国过年

This delightful CD-ROM set is suitable for both individual home study and computer classroom instruction.

Key Features:

    • Systematic introduction and reinforcement of vocabulary and structures through multimedia features such as animated dialogues, videos, stroke-order animation, Pinyin pronunciation, and captivating games.
    • Highly relevant and age-appropriate topics with immediately useful language models, covering school, family, food, sports etc.
    • Comprehensive selection of Chinese characters and sentence patterns.

Kualie Hanyu requires: PC; Pentium III 1GHz+; 128 MB RAM; Windows ME/XP/Vista/7; 1.8 GB hard drive; 8MB graphic card memory; 800x600+ VGA display; 16 bit sound card; 4X cd-rom drive or dvd-rom drive.