Level 4 - Juanita and her Alpaca

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Juanita and her Alpaca by Rossella Panuzzo and illustrated by Matteo Piana. Discover my Peru. Juanita has a dream: she hopes her alpaca will have two little babies, one for her and one for her brother. But usually alpacas only have one baby at a time. Let's find out more about this Peruvian girl, her country, family and friends. You'll love getting to know her! Level 4 in the series with 400 headwords. The reader includes activities, a picture dictionary and downloadable audio files.


Verb Tenses

Present Simple / Present Continuous, Past Simple / Past Continuous, Present Perfect Simple, Will for future reference, Present/Past simple passive


Verbs + infinitive /Verbs + ing


Can /could, Must / Should

Imperatives, Comparative form of adjectives


Valuing other cultures | Friendship | Citizenship | Story telling

CEFR Level: A2

Theme: Friendship