Ixcanul (Volcano) dvd

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Ixcanul (Volcano) dvd - 2015 Guatemalan film directed by Jayro Bustamante. This film is the brilliant debut by Guatemalan filmmaker Jayro Bustamante, a dreamlike depiction of the daily lives of Mayans living on a coffee plantation at the base of an active volcano. A mesmerizing fusion of fact and fable, this gorgeously photographed film is an immersive journey into its characters' customs and beliefs, chronocling with unblinking realism disappearing traditions and a disappearing people. On the slopes of an active volcano in Guatemala, a marriage is arranged for seventeen-year-old María by her Kaqchikel parents. This was the first film Guatemala ever submitted for Best Foreign Film consideration at the Academy Awards. Stars María Mercedes Coroy, María Telón, Manuel Antún and Marvin Coroy. In Spanish and Kaqchikel with optional English or Spanish subtitles. The film is unrated, however, there is one sex scene shown. No nudity, both are shown waist up fully clothed. There are two bath scenes with mother and daughter bathing together naked. Most nudity obscured. In first scene daughter's breasts shown very briefly. In second scene mother's shown briefly. 91 minutes.