Instant Immersion German

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Instant Immersion German - 2 CD-ROM bundle - Ages 9 - Adult. Simple interactive software 2 CD-ROM bundle for learning German - 'Talk Now! German' and 'Talk More German'. Talk Now is a beginning vocabulary program. Talk More is a low intermediate vocabulary program - to put words into senences and simple dialogues. Jewel case versions only (CD-ROMs only with no manuals).

For lab pack and network pricing - see the individual programs - none for the set!

Instant Immersion German Hybrid CD-ROMs require: Quicktime 6+; 1024x768 resolution; 128MB RAM; 24X CD-ROM drive or DVD-ROM drive; Microphone (recommended). PC requires: Windows 98/2000/ME/XP; Pentium III 500 MHz+; 16 bit compatible soundcard. Macintosh requires: OS X v10.1.x+; G3 or G4; Soundcard.