Instant Immersion French 1,2,3

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Instant Immersion French 1,2,3 - Ages 10-Adult. This Instant Immersion learn French software bundle is the most comprehensive yet. Included in this bundle for PC or Mac are the following programs (see the description of each title for full details):

Vocabulary Builder French - Beginning program to teach about 300 words (for young children).
Talk Now French - Beginning program to teach about 500 words and 30 phrases.
Talk More French - Put that beginning vocabulary into sentences and short dialogues.
World Talk French - Low intermediate program with games for oral and written comprehension.
Talk the Talk French - Learn conversational French, slang and many informal expressions
Talk Business French - Learn vocabulary needed in business situations.
Talk More French dvd - Interactive DVD - 9 topic areas with easy and hard games.
Who is Oscar Lake French - Great interactive mystery with over 70 hours of additional learning - use the vocabulary learned in real life situations.

French iPod and MP3 Audio CD - designed to be used as a supplement for oral comprehension away from the computer.

This bundle is not networkable - but the individual programs are!

Instant Immersion French 1,2, & 3
requires for PC: Windows XP or Vista; Pentium IV 500 MHz +; 512MB RAM; 1024x768 color display; Sound Card; CD-ROM drive; Microphone.
Macintosh requires: Mac OSX 10.3.9+; 512MB RAM; 1024x768 color display; Sound Card; CD-ROM drive; Microphone (recomm); iTunes 7+ (recommended).