Indonesian-English and English-Indonesian Practical Dictionary

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Indonesian-English and English-Indonesian Practical Dictionary - Indonesian, the official language of Indonesia, is spoken by the nation's approximately 240 million inhabitants. A tropical paradise made up of about thirteen thousand islands, Indonesia annually receives more than 5 million foreign tourists who enjoy the beaches, diving, surfing, and visiting ancient Buddhist and Hindu temples.

Perfect for business people, students, and travelers, this practical dictionary contains more than 20,000 entries of essential, modern Indonesian.

    • Modern, up-to-date vocabulary includes entries on computers and finance.
    • Ideal for use by English speakers. Derivative words are given their own entries, instead of being listed by their roots, so you can find words without knowing the complex system of prefixes and suffixes.
  • Abundant compound words and idiomatic expressions add to the dictionary's usefulness.

351 pages - Published 4/2010.