I took the moon for a walk Bilingual Arabic Edition

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I took the moon for a walk Bilingual Arabic Edition by Carolyn Curtis and illustrated by Alison Jay. Follow the magical adventure of a young boy who goes exploring with his friend, the Moon. I Took the Moon for a Walk combines lyrical verse with detailed illustrations, creating a dramatic backdrop for this imaginative journey. Curtis's charming rhyme begins, "I took the Moon for a walk last night./It followed behind like a still summer kite,/Though there wasn't a string or a tail in sight/when I took the Moon for a walk." The child's journey continues over a bridge, past a sharp steeple that nearly snags the moon, through a pack of howling dogs, and across the dewy grass. Throughout, the language is fresh and visual: "rust-bellied robins," "neighborhood dogs made a train-whistle choir," "clouds that were fragile as lace." The folk-art-inspired illustrations are a perfect complement to the gentle fantasy. Using oil painted on paper with a crackling varnish, Jay creates a moving, panoramic country landscape in which the pictures tell many stories that children will love to discover–the skinny-legged moon loses a slipper; the neighborhood dogs run out for an evening romp; a gentleman pedals by on a bike, enjoying the still evening. This is a quaint and quiet book worth sharing. Readers will marvel at the serene beauty of the world at night. At the end of the story, readers can discover facts about the passage of the moon across the sky and its influence on our lives. There is also a page about nocturnal creatures. Paperback, 32 pages.