HSK 2-3 - Stories of Chinese Proverbs

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Stories of Chinese Proverbs by Chiara Perinot and Chen Haiyan. HSK 2-3.

Where do Chinese proverbs come from? How many are there? Are they all four characters long?  Did you know that behind every proverb there is a story?
This volume tells you nine stories behind nine proverbs, and invites the reader to guess the corresponding Italian proverb for each one.
In this book, you will find:
• Grammatical and vocabulary structures within the HSK3 standard;
• Cultural inserts
• Glossary with pronunciation and translation;
• No pinyin in text, to encourage the habit of reading authentic material;
• Activities at the end of each chapter;
• Final glossary in alphabetical order;
• Audio with complete reading of the story.
The book offers:
• Grammar structures and vocabulary in accordance with the HSK 1-2 standards
• Glossary with pronunciation and English translation
• Text without Pinyin, to promote authentic reading
• Splendid pictures, capturing the beauty and vitality of Beijing
• Audio mp3 with the complete reading of the text

Paperback, 64 pages.