Get Together Level 1 Student Book

Get Together Level 1 Student Book

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Get Together - Level 1 Student Book. Get Together is an easy-to-use ESL course for teenagers that balances language and skills work with ample communication practice. Four storylines per level motivate students with themes of age-appropriate appeal that relate English to other subject areas. A clearly structured syllabus provides students with ample practice and a thorough grounding in language and communication skills.

16 four-page units offer a wide range of activities and encourage a sense of real progress through the course.
'Rewind' sections recycle and reinforce key language and allow for regular feedback on students' progress.
'Transfer' activities and projects put English in a cross-curricular context and encourage student interaction and cooperation.
'Learning English My Way' techniques encourage greater responsibility for students' own learning.
'Grammar at a Glance' and 'Wordmaster' provide ready reference for key grammar and vocabulary.
'Plus Practice' exercises provide optional extension activities.

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